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European Virtual Human Twins

The European Virtual Human Twins (VHT) Initiative is a flagship initiative of the European Commission to foster and accelerate the development of integrated, validated digital representations of the human body. These VHTs hold substantial potential for medical research and healthcare delivery, contributing to a deeper understanding of human physiology, pathology, and disease aetiology, as well as facilitating personalised, patient-centric medicine. This Initiative includes the envisaged European VHT platform, enabling the pooling of resources, assets to further develop the science and technology required for building advanced VHT-based solutions in health and care.


An essential element of the Initiative is the VIRTUAL HUMAN TWINS MANIFESTO “A Statement of Intent on Development, Evidence, and Adoption in Healthcare Systems”. This Statement of Intent serves the purpose of promoting collaboration in the current VHT ecosystem, by bringing together various ecosystem stakeholders to demonstrate their support for the European VHT Initiative, while also facilitating the context for further collaboration. 

The VHT Manifesto was officially launched alongside the announcement of the European VHT Initiative, on the occasion of the inauguration of the MareNostrum 5 supercomputer at the Barcelona Supercomputer Center, on December 21st 2023.

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